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Spooky House Shadow Box

Updated: Feb 1

We created a cool Halloween project for kids 6 to 10 y.o.! It is a "Spooky House Shadow Box", made of cardboard and various types of papers. Each house will look very different as kids are offered different options to customize it just the way they want!

What's Inside the Box?

The kit has all the supplies for kids to start right on with the project: a precut cardboard box, various colored papers for the windows and door of the Spooky House, various colored papers to decorate the front and sides of the Spooky House, a paper plate for the yard & fence, a straw for the chimney, a choice of Halloween foam stickers and pipe cleaners, white glue and orange glitter glue, and 2 cute Halloween tea lights!

Online Video Tutorials

We posted a series of videos on Youtube to help kids complete the project from start to finish!

#1 Presentation "Spooky what?!"

#2 Supplies Check that you have everything in your kit to start the project!

#3 The House How to decorate the front and sides of your Spooky House

#4 The Windows How to make the windows of your Shadow Box, and hide spooky creatures behind them

#4 ½ Light it Up! Learn the best ways to light up your Spooky House Shadow Box!

#5 The Roof How to add and decorate the roof, including the smoking chimney!

#6 The Fence How to make a spooky wood-like fence with a simple paper plate

#7 Mini Spider How to make a super-easy and cute mini-spider with 2 pipe cleaners!

Please Share!

Feel free to leave your reviews in the comments below - and we would LOVE to get pictures of your final Spooky House! You can send it to us at hello [@] jdvstudio [.com]

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