• Marie

Advent Calendar With Recycled Items

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

We made a beautiful advent calendar with toilet paper rolls!

What we used:

  • 12 recycled toilet paper rolls (you can go up to 24 if you have enough!)

  • yarn

  • a wood stick

  • decorations: your choice! We used ribbons, but you can use washi tape, colored paper, markers, paint, etc.

  • for the numbers: we used pipe cleaners

  • a hole puncher is nice to have (makes neat holes to tie the yarn)

  • a glue gun makes gluing ribbons and pipe cleaners numbers much easier!

Here are more ideas using toilet paper rolls and other recycled materials such as yogurt cups and egg cartons:

  • Pic 1: We like the idea of taking toilet paper rolls and making a shape like a house (or a Christmas tree). And the little bird under the roof is sooo cute!

  • Pic 2: Wrapping the paper rolls like candies and making a wreath out of them looks really appealing too!

  • Pic 3: Don't have a glue gun? You can make simple, cute little characters that can be displayed on a platter, on top of a furniture, or in front of a window.

  • Pic 4: A moving advent calendar sounds like fun! And it's easy enough to find a big piece of cardboard and make "rails" for the rolls to fall down.

  • Pic 5: This is the Advent Cal made by my little cousin Inès and her Mom Julie! I love the fact that it reuses individual yogurt cups (which you could replace by paper cups if that's easier for you). She used wrapping paper for the backboard, and "patafix" (sticky putty) to hold the lids on the cups.

  • Pic 6: This is a very cute one using a large egg carton, but it could be made easily with 2x 12-eggs cartons. The nice thing is that the "holes" are already made, all you need is to add lids!

Need ideas to fill your Calendar? Try the following!

  • left-over candies from Halloween

  • small craft supplies

  • ornaments to hang on the tree

  • pieces of a Christmas story (every day you get a new part of the story)

  • Christmas jokes

  • Christmas poems - See our Freebies page to download our free PDF with 24 cute Christmas poems for kids, ready to print!

  • winter activity ideas - See our Freebies page to download our free PDF with 24 colorful winter activity cards.